Sunday, October 23, 2011

reason to wear janev

In all the religon there is a tendency to press there ear while praying MUSLIMS press there ears while doing Church we press our shoulder while praying and the vens of ear also pressed while pressing the shoulder as vens of ear through the short all the Religion have tendency to press their ears...the reason behind this is lies on the fact that on pressing our ear vens,it increase memory can take an example that in our school our teachers punish us to hold our ears this punishment  given to us to increase our memory power ...but in Hindu dharm we donot hold or press our eras so JANEV was introduced...but that time BRAHMINS were required to learn vedas and RAJPUTS were required to momrised many thing for their to increase  memory power they started to wear JANEV...and this tradition sets to human mind that only RAJPUTS AND BRAHMINS have rights to were JANEV...but according to AARYA SAMAJ all person can wear JANEV...

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