Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Difference between God and god

In hindu dharma there are several god and goddes …and we pray for every god like Sharswati for sharp mind,Hanuman for power,Shiv for calm spirit and when we pray for different- different go d -the word used is  god. In actual there is only one superstitial power and when we talk about the one then- the word used is God. actually in our society people thinking Is not up to that level so that they will understand the depth meaning of God. The people like SWAMI VIVEKANANDA,MAHATMA BUDHA understands the meaning of GOD and due to that reason BUDHA refuges to do MURTI PUJA and gave massage to the society that NAR SEVA IS NARAYAN SEVA. And SWAMI VIVEKANANDA also got knowledge from his guru RAMAKRISHNA that you will found god in every human if you will try to see. And after that SWAMI VIVEKANANDA stops the searching the answer that god is visible or not. And in the same manner he also started SHRI RAMKRISHNA MISSION to convey the same massage to the world. So friends try to findout the meaning of GOD not god.

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