Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fasting (Roza)

Namaz is one of the five pillars of Islam; it is a most important constituent of the faith. It is prayer of a very high level. The Holy Quran repeatedly enjoins the offering of Salat or Namaz and indeed declares it to be a fundamental trait of a believer. The benefits of salat are countless.
God created man to worship Him and salat is the most excellent kind of worship

Obligation of Fasting:

  1. A fast is kept in the month of Ramadan with the intention of keeping a fast of Ramadan.
  2. The person keeping the fast is a resident and not a traveler (traveler can keep the fast if he/she has no problem).
  3. The person is an adult and is sane (if a child or madman breaks the fast then Kaffara is not necessary).
  4. The intention for the fast of Ramadan was done at night (if the intention for the fast was made in the day before midday and then broken then only Qaza is necessary not Kaffara).
After breaking the fast an act occurred which gives reason to miss a fast which you had no control over such as an illness occurred where it is allowed to miss a fast then the Kaffara will not be necessary. If however, after breaking the fast a person became a Ma'zoor (had a problem) which was within their control such as a person injured themselves and therefore became Ma'zoor or became a traveler then the Kaffara will not be cancelled as these things are within their control and Kaffara becomes necessary

Rules of Fasting:

  • The rule for Fasting is similar to Namaz and is Farz-e-Ain and those who reject to believe it as obligatory (Farz) is a Kafir and those who miss it without genuine reason is a big sinner and will receive punishment in hell. Those children who have the strength should be made to keep fast and strong boys and girls should be forced to keep a fast. Fasting for the whole month of Ramadan is obligatory.
  • According to Shariat, the definition of a fast is make the intention to fast for the sake of Allah from the break of dawn to sunset and to refrain from eating, drinking or having sexual deeds. Fasting is not obligatory for children or for an insane person as long as they remain insane for the whole month of Ramadan, and if they gain sanity any period in the middle and it is still within the allocated time for intention, then they must make the intention and fast from that day onwards and the Qaza is necessary for the whole month.
  • A person fasting purposely eat or drank some medicine or tablets or drank water or had something to eat or drink for pleasure then in all these situations both Qaza and Kaffara is necessary.

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